Saturday, May 15, 2010

May Showers?

Since moving from California just a month ago we've really had to adjust to the weather change here in central Texas. Not only is it NOT sunny 365 days a year here, but the humidity and constant weather change from day to day (sometimes hour to hour) has been something we've had to get used to.

Although the humidity can be quite miserable (are we really saying this's not even July yet!), we really do enjoy the warm spring/summer showers that also come with it. Those of you from California know that when it rains in LA everything pretty much stops. People don't know how to drive, recess goes indoors, and you don't know what to do with the rest of your day besides catch a movie at the theater down the street.

Instead of the whole city coming to a close, Austin's energy doesn't seem to cease. People are still riding their bikes, enjoying a late weekend brunch under the covered patio outside of their favorite restaurant, or enjoying one of the city's many local lakes.

Besides still being able to enjoy one of the many things in the city, the overall temperature is pretty awesome too. When's the last time you wore shorts and sandals in the rain Californians?

Although these were a little scary at first, the thunder and lightening storms are pretty cool too.

We're sure that we will miss the CA weather predictability from time to time, but for now are enjoying the change in routine and taking advantage of a warm shower while getting a little exercise in along the way. Stew doesn't even seem to mind the loud noises- A+ in our book! For once we're not singing,"rain, rain, go away".


Amy Carter said...

Did you guys take all these pictures? Amazing!

Jakeandjess said...

hah i wish i could say we did..."borrowed" from google images ;)

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