Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's Official Kids

Not too many posts ago we made our announcement of our move from LA to Austin. Since then, we've set an official week to move. It's only few short months away (9 weeks...eeek!), and we have a lot more planning and preparing (if anyone has any boxes or other packing supplies you may be willing to donate, please let us know!) to do before we head out. More importantly we hope to spend out last weeks here enjoying quality time with family and friends. Be on the look out for an Evite, when and were is still a big question mark, so we can all say our goodbyes and enjoy some food, drinks, and several laughs.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Say It Ain't So!

Everyone says you can't live in Texas and not be a Longhorn fan. Although we haven't started packing our boxes yet, we spent our Thursday night watching the Alabama/Texas game trying to catch some off that "Texas Orange" spirit. I know some of you must be cringing right about now! Of course it wasn't difficult for Jake to get excited, but we have to say that Jessica was almost half interested (OK more than half interested!) in the outcome of the game. For those of you who know Jess, that's saying a lot! It was a close game and BIG comeback for Texas butttt aw man, so much for our queso victory dance!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year Ya'll

(Austin...here we come!)
(Lake Travis)
(a case of the blues)
(6th Street)
(Waffle Breakfast!)

You might be wondering what's with the title of this blog post? Being that new years is usually full of fresh starts and new beginnings, now seems appropriate a time as ever to tell you the news.

Well, many of you know that we have been itching to get out of The Valley...pronto! So, we are very happy to officially announce that we finally have decided to make our move. And, if you couldn't already tell from the pictures above, we've chosen Austin, Texas. It started as an innocent trip back in October, but we fell in love with the city and everything that it has to offer. With lots of hiking and a cool, low key city vibe we are looking forward to exploring this great city...aaaannnnd sharing it with all of our family and friends. Of coarse we are sad to leave everyone, but know that this is the best choice we could have made right now. We are looking forward to sharing the last few months with all of you and know that 2010 has many great things in store for us all. Through this blog we hope to stay connected with everyone as we begin this new chapter in our lives.

Christmas 2009

(she found it...the camera that is!)
(best friends)

(she must've been EXTRA nice this year)
We had a very busy Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but loved each and every minute of it. From sushi (no turkey dinner for this family) to gifts, we were definitely in the Christmas spirit. Even Stewart got into the holiday cheer while opening his presents (literally! we have it on video so we will post it once we figure out how). Hoping you all had a wonderful holiday as well.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween (2009) from the Confused Tourist and Mime

Too Good to Pass Up!

Thought we'd share what we came home to late one night. Guess he was mad we didn't take him with us?!

Our Graduate

(Jake and Stewart far right)
(Jessica and Stewart far right)
(Jessica and Stewart left center)
(Jake, Jessica, and Stewart right center)
(Jake, Jessica, and Stewart center)

(From bottom to top: Beginner, Intermediate, Rocket Recall, Advanced, and Intro to Agility) We are SO very proud of Stewie and the strides he's made in training. He's still not the best with new people, but he has made some big changes (you wouldn't believe the chaos when the a box was delivered!). Yes, we have become one of those people who love their dog like a child- no costumes or clothing though! We are forever thankful to J9sK9s and would encourage anyone looking to have some fun with their pup to take their dog/s there. Janine, the owner, is absolutely amazing and has helped us and Stew immensely. We will definitely miss her and her crew when we move.