Thursday, May 20, 2010

32nd Birthday, Cake, and Some Birthday Candles

It's the first birthday that we've spent away from family and friends. Jake and Adam haven't spent a birthday apart in awhile now so we felt a little out of our element not celebrating May 20th together.

Thanks to a good friend of our and the "family secret" recipe we enjoy some yummy chocolate cake. Are you reading this Lizzie? Jessica not only made the cake, she actually ate chocolate! It was THAT good.

After dinner and cake we started to watch a movie and noticed that Stew was a M.I.A. This usually means two things. One: he's sleeping under the coffee table or on his favorite spot at the bottom of the stairs. or Two: he's getting into trouble. I'm sure you can guess it's usually the latter. It's the very reason why we have a bell attached to his collar.

During a commercial Jess went to the kitchen to clean up and see what Stew was up to. What did she find? About 3/4 of the candles that were on the counter (see picture below) were gone! Yes ladies and gentlemen those are 48..count em 48 candles on the counter. Are you getting where this is going yet?

Apparently Stew was pissed that we didn't share our cake and ate the candles instead. That or he loves himself a bit of wax (and chocolate) after a long day? Thankfully the wax (or chocolate) wasn't toxic and all we ended up was some yellow, pink, white, and yellow speckled poo on our morning walk. Note to selves: never leave ANYTHING on the counter. ever.

That's doable right? ha.


Amy Carter said...

No more nakey pics please. I feel like I know too much about what happened right before/after you guys ate that cake...

Jakeandjess said...

haha. he was in shorts! it's freakin' hot girl...get your mind out of the gutter!

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