Monday, May 10, 2010

Celebrating Mother's Day Our Own Way

With our first Mother's Day out of the state of California, we knew we couldn't head over Paradise Cove and have a Mary with our family. To celebrate the day we headed over to a spiritual center called, Austin Center for Spiritual Living. Before we left, some really good friends of ours told us that we should look into finding a church or some other type of spiritual center to help us find good, lasting relationships here in Texas. Moving away from family and friends has definitely been a challenge for us and we look forward to all of the visits they have planned this coming summer and fall. What being said, we still know the importance of finding good people to share in our life's adventures.

We met some really nice people at Austin Center for Spiritual Living, and plan on heading over to another center that's a little bit closer to home this time.

Where ever we end up settling we realize that staying grounded and finding the time to look inward in important no matter what stage or transition of live you are in.

It's been a new experience putting ourselves out there and meeting new people **Think first day of school all over again **, but also fun just putting it all out there since we don't have a network of family and friends here. We have ended up meeting a collection of different people whenever we are out and about. We're actually heading over to a "Guac Off" next weekend hosted by someone that we met at the wedding a few weekends ago....should be fun!


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