Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh Let's Just Skip New Mexico

Day two started off much smoother. Although we lost an hour because of the time change (I think?), we were refreshed and ready to start the day after a quick bite and refuel.

Who would have thought that a Denny's breakfast could be so enjoyable? We had an awesome waiter who gave us a little pep in our step that morning.

Stewie got leftovers from breakfast. We'll admit it, we felt guilty that he had to sit in the car for so many hours.

Rest stop pictures below. Not quite sure where this is.

Notice that there are NO pictures of New Mexico. That's because there is literally nothing in NM. To summarize in a word- flat nothingness (ya that's two). If you're into that sort of thing that's cool, it's just not our thing.

We definitely filled the hours in the car with some books on CD (thanks Addy and Lix), music, laughs, and snacks. Note to our friends who plan on making this drive some time soon, take lots of small breaks- it helps break up the monotony of driving and use cruise control.

We rolled into El Paso just before dusk (how's that for timing!) and with the help of our navigator ate some great Mexican food (are you seeing a theme here?). Tomorrow- TEXAS!


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