Tuesday, April 20, 2010

LA to AZ

Our morning started early. Now when I say early it doesn't mean that we grabbed our togo cups and headed out the door...nooo way, that would be too easy.

After a night spent on the floor (donated bed....you're welcome Franco!) we woke up bright and early to finish up some packing- yes more! And like a bonehead Jess left her wallet at the Penske rental place on Saturday (all money and cards in tact thank you very much) so she had to go drive back over there to pick it up before she went to pick up Carol in Thousand Oaks. Once she got back you'd like we'd be on our way, but we got sidetracked with some more goodbyes, a final walk through in the house, gas, the bank, and lunch. Oh it WAS lunch before we finally made our departure from Zelzah. With Jake (his new nickname Penske...not to hard to see why) in the moving truck and Jess, Carol (our navigator), and little Stewie in the Tahoe we were well on our way.

On board: Mr. Penske (Jake), Jessica with her copilot Stew (yes that is him "air sleeping", and our much needed navigator Carol (don't you love her hand map set up?!)

Course today: Desert, desert, and mooooore desert. The shots below some as we went through the Palm Springs/La Quinta area as well as one as we crossed the AZ border. We only had one stop because we left so late and wanted to make up for lost time.

We left the Northridge area around 12:30ish (emphasis on the "ish") and arrived in Phoenix right as the sun was setting. Out original plans had us driving to Tuscon, but that was an additional 2 hours past Phoenix and we figured that since the sun was calling it quits for the day we might as well follow suit. A cold beer and some Mexican food later, it was lights out in our rooms.


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