Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We're not in Ozona anymoore...

Ozona you ask? Exactly. We're not quite sure either but we'll get to that part in a minute.

Day three and on our last leg of the trip...or so we thought. We woke up and hit the ground running. Excited to finally roll into our new town, we didn't want to miss a beat. The drive from El Paso to Austin was a longest leg of the trip, and most of it looked liked this:

not too exciting huh? We don't know if it was the vast nothingness or the mere exhaustion of driving with a small circus, but we didn't make it to Austin that day. Instead we pulled off into a small town called Ozona to get gas and decided a drink (yes driving has caused us to increase the cocktails), food, and sleep. It eventually started to rain-HARD so the stop was probably inevitable. Driving along the highway at night with NO street lamps is not the smartest idea. Anyways back to Ozona. As we checked into our hotel we asked the clerk where we could get something decent to eat and have a drink. She said there was only one place- ONE PLACE! in town that served anything to drink but we would have to be a member if we wanted to order something. We figured we'd give it a go and headed down the "main drag" (aka the one street in town) to find it. Driving past the post office, taxidermy, and general store (seriously!) and we figured we were probably close

Yup that's the place, the "Hitchin' Post". We walked in a little leery... I mean come on who needs a membership to buy a drink? and quickly found a cozy table in the smoke filled bar and all ordered something to drink. Sure enough our waitress said it was a members only bar and that we would have to buy a membership in order to drink. With our $3 temporary memberships in hand, we ordered an had a great time relaxing after a long day's drive. Feeling refreshed, we headed back to our hotel ready to tackle the last day and officially become Austinites.


Amy Carter said...

Sounds a lot like Elgin, Nebraska, where Mike's grandma is from. We went two summers ago. There was one bar, one restaurant, a post office, a drugstore, a small market... and that's about it! When you're driving through, if you blink, you miss it.

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