Monday, April 19, 2010

And the Story Begins...

""> We were SO very lucky to have a million people come over and help us pack. OK, only 8 but when you are moving and not offering money as compensation that many people may seem like a million. Perhaps the fresh coffee and bagels for breakfast and beer and Pizza Cookery for breakfast brought the troops over?

Anyways, the troops arrived late in the morning (too much to drink the night before) to empty last 7 years of contents from our two bedroom townhouse into a 16 foot moving truck. Did we say 16 feet? You got it toots. But when you're towing a car behind a moving truck hallf across the United States, downsizing into a smaller home, and the next truck size up is about $1000 bucks more, 16 feet is what we were stuck with.......HOW was this all possible you ask? Just ask "Tetris" aka Franco and the big burly men helping that day. Franco is a pro at moving, and with the help of all of the other muscles in our group we managed to pack everything into our moving truck. of course the muscles didn't include the women. We stuck to organizing inside and using these really cool rolling furniture dollies (and when placed just right make a skateboard you can mess around on) to bring boxes out to the guys. In the end, we did manage to leave behind a small pile of non essentials that will just have to hang out in Cali until we get a bigger pad.

Yes you do see a sidewalk FULL of boxes and furniture and a hazard triangle out of the street..... apparently we had a small Home Goods supply store in our house. Note to anyone buying us a gift, we don't need anything but thanks in advance for the kind gesture!

Lucky friends- they walked away a few pounds lighter and with a few goodies in tow

The troops (sans Lizzie- she went to rehearsal)

Ready or not we come!


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