Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Weighing Our Options

Last weekend Jessica went to Austin to take her Texas teaching exam, interview for a summer position, and look for places with our sister-in-law Lizzie (PHEW!). After looking during our first trip out to the area and doing some exploring, we nailed down an area of the city (South Congress 78704 area) and thought that finding a place would be easy from there. We thought that we knew what we were looking for in our new digs, but soon found out that our new debate is whether or not we want to downsize and store some of our furniture/etc., spend that little extra on a bigger place, and/or find a place that has a yard of some sort for our animal son. One thing we do know is that we don't want to do the apartment thing- been there, done that. Luckily we have a Realtor helping us out and keeping tabs on the place below in this posting (Those of you who've been to our place may see the resemblance. Maybe that's why we're drawn to it?). We like the charming "home-like" feeling overall, but are still weighing our options as we speak.

Living Room

Front of townhouse...kind of Bostonian huh??

Courtyard/Dog park area

Floor plan

Kitchen. I'm going to say...cozy? : )

Pool area

Although we don't know if we like the idea of moving into a place that one of us hasn't physically visited, moving is a big decision especially when you are looking out of state and we want to feel that "home sweet home" feeling. Thoughts???


Amy Carter said...

Super cute!

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