Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's Official Kids

Not too many posts ago we made our announcement of our move from LA to Austin. Since then, we've set an official week to move. It's only few short months away (9 weeks...eeek!), and we have a lot more planning and preparing (if anyone has any boxes or other packing supplies you may be willing to donate, please let us know!) to do before we head out. More importantly we hope to spend out last weeks here enjoying quality time with family and friends. Be on the look out for an Evite, when and were is still a big question mark, so we can all say our goodbyes and enjoy some food, drinks, and several laughs.


KatherineBee said...

I can't believe you guys are moving to Austin! It looks like such a fun place, I know quite a few people who love living there, plus you'll have South by Southwest every year. What an exciting adventure!

Jakeandjess said...

ya! our plans have definitely changed over the past year. Sd was actually on our list (still one of my fav cities), but one we saw Austin we were hooked. Let me know if you ever head out there for the festivals!

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