Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love Is in the Air!

so beautiful day or night

We couldn't think of anywhere else we would want to spend Valentines Day this year: Inn of the Seventh Ray. This is usually the spot where we spend our wedding anniversary (OK we've only had one anniversary but you get the idea), and since we won't be here to celebrate our anniversary this May we decided that we
had to spend Vday at the Inn.

we sat right where we got married!

It was a romantic dinner set off by some delicious food and and even more enjoyable atmosphere. Although our list of favs about this place is definitely a long one, the one thing that always gets us coming back is knowing that you can spend hours at the restaurant enjoying every single second. Whether it's the food, staff, or ionized water (did we say water? yes...this water is amazing!) let's just say that we can't get enough!

a view from our table towards the fountain

We hope that you all had an amazing Valentines Day and showed those important to you in your life how much you love them!


Amy Carter said...

So sweet! We will miss you guys!!

Jakeandjess said...

us too! I think I'm going to be a wreck at the going away party!!!

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