Thursday, February 25, 2010

Box of Chocolates?

Jessica came home from work today only to find that our files had been strewn all over the kitchen floor among an eaten and completely eaten box of chocolates. Luckily the box wasn;t full, not even by half. Anyone who knows Stew knows that he's never been one to be afraid of getting into trouble. Not like we are making excuses, believe us we would love not to come home to chaos, but this time he had crossed the line.

After a few crazed phone calls and some research, we decided to monitor Stew to see how he was. Allison, Jake's sister, told us that her pit ate about 10x more chocolate than Stewart did and was completely fine. She just that he was running up and down the halls and monitored him closely. Besides the trashed kitchen, he's been acting totally fine so far. Chasing balls, crunching ice cubes, barking, and begging for food, yup sounds about normal. Keeping a close eye on him and watching for and signs of irregularity. Nothing odd to report at the moment.

Hello Mom!

Yes I'm fine! Now let me go play...

Unfortunately this happened on an afternoon when Jake wanted to be sweet and leave some flowers and a card for me on the counter. What a sweet husband!

We think that this gave us a hint of what it might like when you have kids and an emergency comes up. The money and anything else no longer seems like a big deal. Having kids is still in the future for us, but it was definitely an experience that made us grateful for all that we have.


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