Wednesday, February 24, 2010

California Bucket List

Not that we won't be visiting California anytime soon, but we figured that even when we do visit we might not always be able to do some of the things that make California...well California.

Here's our list in the making:

1. Brunch at Paradise Cove (can we say BEST bloody marys?)
2. Leo Carrillo dog beach with Stewie and his sister Mia
3. Breakfast or Dinner at the Inn of the Seventh Ray - check -
4. Hiking Santa Monica Mountains (Temescal and Runyon) - check -
5. Time with family and friends (this one could fill up
more than a few spaces on this list!) - check -
6. In 'n Out (veggie grilled cheese and chocolate shake of coarse) - check -
7. Bikes on Venice Beach
8. Board games with fam and friends (The Pit or Apples to Apples anyone?)
9. Dream Girls musical at the Ahmanson Theater - check -
10. Margaritas at Latigo Kid or Casa Vega

What do you think we should do before we leave the Golden State?


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