Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yo Quiero

Seems like anytime we are trying to plan our weekly meals or figure out where we want to go out for dinner 'Mexican' always is the first to come to mind. There's just something about it we can never get sick of, and since we are both veggies (OK Jake's on the brink of turning...) it's an easy go to for both us. So we decided to see how many times throughout a one week period we actually prepare Mexican food for a meal. This may not be the most exciting post, however, those of you who heart Mexican food us much as us may get a kick out of this. (BTW our good friend Amy inspired us and we are going to be growing a "salsa garden" as soon as we have some sort of yardage).

Monday: Shrimp Burritos and black beans (on the side). Jessica pulled whatever we had remaining in the cupboard and fridge for a late dinner. Very yummy.

Tuesday: Good 'ol Baja Fresh! Chicken Baja Burrito for Jake and a side salad with rice and beans for Jess (leftovers for Wednesday's lunch! BONUS).

Wednesday: Mahi Mahi tacos with cilantro sauce and black beans on the side. No lunch leftovers the next day. Too good not to eat seconds! (BTW thanks again Amy for this easy and CHEAP recipe. Although Jess isn't really one for meaty items, this one passed her sensitive texture pallet)

Are we sick of Mexican after more than half of a week's dinners (4 meals...but who's counting) consisting of some concoction of cheese, lettuce, rice, and beans. nahhh! We probably would have had it for more than one of the remaining meals of the week if it wasn't for dinner plans with Adam and Lizzie or checking off one of our "bucket list" items. Good thing Austin has amazing Tex Mex, I'm sure we won't skip a beat there either.


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