Friday, June 4, 2010

We Won!...something

We follow a few local bloggers around town to get daily updates about what's going on in town. One of the blogs that we follow is called this life in austin.

On a whim Jess entered a contest for a "Blondes VS. Brunettes" power puff football charity event. Normally Jess isn't too keen on football but when is Texas.... PLUS the charity is for Alzheimer's. Those of you who attended our wedding know that instead of favors we opted to donate to a charity that we think needs more awareness- Alzheimer's Association.

And now the reason for this post, we won (4 pack of tickets-$80 value)! If anything, we feel great to be able to take part in a event that has a lot of meaning to us. We will be heading over to the event tomorrow to check it out. Anything interesting pops up you know you'll here it from us here.

p.s. may have some other good news to share. stay tuned.


Amy said...

sounds... fun! I'm so curious about the other news... doggie? baby? jobbie? haha

Jakeandjess said...

no baby on board. still enjoying our freedom, plus stewart is enough of a child for the time being ; )

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