Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kicked My Ass

Before we moved Jess came back in February with Lizzie to take the secure some final details before we packed up the Penske and decided to officially call Austin home. One of those details was securing a job for (at least) the summer time. Unfortunately the job that she did get has since called and said that they don't have the enrollment that they thought they would have and therefore doesn't need her this summer. boo hoo. right? Maybe not.

She's been looking for jobs in all the usual places (nanny, education, etc.) until this past weekend when Perm decided to throw everything that she thought she knew about finding a job upside down. Fast forward to tonight.

Jessica just got home from a second interview for an educator position at Lululemon at a yoga class. This is an AMAZING company that is really grass roots and goal driven. Normally interviews are held in an office type setting while you're uncomfortably sweating in your "monkey suit" or some other similar attire. Although Jess wasn't dressed in anything fancy, she definitely did sweat- A LOT.

Are you?

The point of this whole post is not to explain yet another interview that she has had to endure, but rather to remind you (ourselves?) how important sweating once a day is. We keep a pretty active lifestyle (some days more than others) and eat healthy so she wasn't took worried going into the interview. Now let us tell you this place kicked my ASS. Perhaps it's because Jess hasn't taken a formal yoga class in awhile (thank you Rodney Yee), but she felt like a wet noodle and was sweating in places she didn't know she could sweat.

This is not a picture from the class she took tonight. TOTAL concentration was necessary to breathe through this one.

The class was run by this guy who has been doing yoga for the past 10 years...he's 54 and looks like he's 30ish. SERIOUSLY. He is an inspiration for us all to get up and move our tushies every. single. day. That's right. EVERY DAY. I mean do we really need to watch that episode Desperate Housewives (totally outing Jess right now) again? Get off the couch/out of bed and get moving people! If we want to live to be at least 90 we gotta keep the one body we were given in top notch.

Before moving to Austin we both vowed that we would do, be, and try things that made us uncomfortable. We worked out but not on a good, regular basis since quitting Spectrum (that was -ahem- 2006) and knew that making a physical change to our environment was good as an excuse as any to make other changes to our lives we were too lazy to make before. Taking this yoga class was the perfect way to adhere to our promise to each other. Hopefully Jess hears something from Lulu because part of the job means taking classes with the people that she works will all expenses paid. OH YA!. What a great way for her (and Jake) to meet different people in the community and continue to bring goodness into our lives.

Luckily Yoga Vida has free classes on Friday nights so Jake will get the chance to check out this place too. Are you men out there "man enough" to add a little yoga into your lives? We hope so. Some (new) things on our lists: kayaking, rock climbing, more yoga classes, biking/spin classes, name a few.

Our evening ended with some PB&J along with a huge thunder/lightening/rain storm. Perfect ending.

BTW what's your favorite way to sweat?


Lizzie said...

Yay for yoga! Right now my favorite way to sweat is P90X!

Abs of steel, buns of steel!

I so hope you get that jobby!

Amy said...

Awesome! I like to be outside so I can trick myself into working out. Biking is my favorite because you have the wind in your face and there is a destination as a reward.

Jakeandjess said...

i think i am going to like biking here much more than in the valley (too many hills and cement!). can't wait to celebrate our old ages together!

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