Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend: Day One

We've officially had our first visitor since Carol left this past weekend. and boy was it jam packed with some good ol' Austin fun. And because a few of you have been asking, "details details" (shout out Tal) here is the play by play. More specifically those of you who want to start planning your itinerary (this one's for you Amy!) this might be the place to start before you make your list. Our weekend is going to be posted in parts so stayed tuned and be patient. We can feel your anticipation already. haha.

Friday: Jeremy arrived after a 6 hour flight and 2 layovers. They went out for a drink at this chill spot before taking a quick drive around town. This place is always packed and we've been itching to find a reason to go and check it out (remember we're on a budget).

Saturday: Unfortunately (for fortunately?) Jake had some clients to take care of so Jess and Perm went on at hike at one of our favorite spots: Barton Creek Greenbelt. We've posted on this special place before and knew that once any family and friends started to visit this would be on the list for sure.

Next up was a "tour" of a local brewery, Live Oak. Neither of us had been here before but thought this might be a great way to taste some local beer for free. Yes, free. Who doesn't LOVE free? All we had to do was pretend like we were interested in the brewing process. But you know we ducked out after we tasted a few (or 3 or 4?) brews.

aww brother-sister love

After the brewery (yum yum btw) we knew we wanted to get some good Tex-Mex grub. For those of you who don't know much about Tex-Mex, it is one of the food cuisines that define Texas. More simply stated it's food that was available to the area when the area was first settled. You'll find yellow American cheese for the infamous queso, tacos, etc. Nothing fancy basically. Definitely not for those who are watching their calories. Ohh but so good (minus the meat for Jess) . Chuy's is a popular destination but the wit for long and we were HUNGRY. So, we happily headed to to this really good backyard looking place called, Shady Grove. This was a great place to spend the afternoon having a few more drinks, Frito pie (Jeremy couldn't resist), while trying to stay cool amongst the Texas sun.

Don't you just want an iced cold something?

There's an action shot for ya. I heart tortilla chips and salsa.

Frito Pie. Yup, that's the bag. Always classy.
See the Queso in the right back corner? Oh ya.

Lunch was followed by a swim and nappity-nap by the pool before we headed inside for some fajitas and the Laker game (Thank god they won. There might have been a problem if not). We ended the night night down in the Warehouse District and 6th Street. We learned how to play shuffle board (thanks Jerm. play it. it's fun.), had a few more beers, and headed home exhausted but fully satisfied after a long day packed full of everything Austin.

Day two was even better.


Jeremy said...

wow i better send you those pics quick so you can finish your story.

Amy Carter said...

haha! Man, I hope we have the funds to send me out there this fall... going to be tough with the Australia trip, but I'll try to make it happen! Are you going to be around at all during winter break?

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