Thursday, April 29, 2010

So Cool

Everyone who knows us knows that we love hiking and finding ways to exercise outdoors. We chose Austin because everyone is always finding a way to get outdoors and enjoy the trails and lakes no matter what time of year. We were still getting used to our neighborhood and all of its special little treasures when we stumbled upon a place called, "Barton Springs Greenbelt". This 10 mile trail/creek/swimming area is literally 3 minutes away from our house! We've heard a lot about it while researching Austin before our move and could never have imagined something like this! We don't know if we are more excited about the fact that this place is so close (ahem...anyone is LA knows it takes a least 20 minutes to find a gem like this) or the fun that we will have hear in the near future, but wanted to share some of the (many) pictures that we took there.

The trail that greeted us after we parked our car...

Because of the shade the greenbelt is a popular place to go for a run or bike ride

The water was SO warm! A lot of people (and their dogs) were wading the the water, hanging out after a warm spring day. The water was really clean and we can't wait to come back with Stew!

The conclusion:
- We plan on heading back here to go on a longer hike this coming Sunday to explore a lot more of the falls.
- This will definitely be one of our "visitor stops" when our family and friends start to head out here.


Amy Carter said...

So pretty!

Lizzie said...

Wow... that really is gorgemuss

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