Sunday, May 2, 2010

Who Doesn't Love a Wedding?

Last night we went to a wedding on Lady Bird Lake.

A few things to note. One: what can be better than a wedding on a beautiful spring evening? and Two: we didn't have to sit in 30-45 minutes of traffic to get there! We were thrilled to get an invite to see an old family friend's son get married and spend some time meeting some people from Austin.

The proud father of the groom, Richard!

The happy couple take a stroll after their vows

We had a great time taking goofy pictures in the photo booth (photos up soon!), stocking up at the candy bar, and getting our groove on the dance floor. We don't know what it is but since being married ourselves we enjoy going to see the family and friends that we love share their commitments to each other with us. More importantly, we enjoy spending a fun night out together remembering our wedding and the vows that we promised each other almost two years ago. It's so nice to take the time to remember our commitments to each other and the vows we spoke on our special day.

What's your favorite thing about a wedding?


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