Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dogs and then Some

After a night on Lady Bird Lake last we were inspired to (finally) head over to the hike/bike trail area to see what all of the hype was about. Let's just say that this place did not disappoint!

We spent the late morning doing a some errands and grabbing a quick lunch before heading over there. Although we (Jess mostly!) were a little apprehensive to bring Stew we knew that it was totally not fair to lock him up in the house all day with the GREAT weather we were having today. With our bag packed with toys, water, and all of other other essentials (is this what it's like to have kids to ready to go out for the day??!!) needed to make sure that we have control over our son, we drove down towards the lake.

The Austin skyline behind Lady Bird Lake

Not too soon after parking were we greeted with runners, bikes, and dogs running everywhere ---OFF LEASH! Not sure of how Stewart would respond, this was Jess's worst nightmare. Since it was our first time here we decided that we would give it 10 minutes to see how he responded. As we kept walking closer towards the water and the off leash dog park area Stew started to calm down and become submissive to the other dogs. We tried to get him to play fetch with the sticks and tennis balls that we brought, but he didn't seem too interested. We even got Stewart to get his cute little paws wet! For those of you who know him, this was a big day in our books. Below is a collage from our playdate at the lake...

Happy Sunday from our family.....

to yours!!!


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