Saturday, May 1, 2010

Unexpected Night Out

Lately we've been trying to partake in anything house, job hunt (Jess), and free. Ya that's right FREE. Truth be told, moving does cost a lot of money! We wouldn't trade all the money in the world for the change that we've decided to make, but a couple's gotta budget.

We got a call from a few Cali friends around 7 and decided that we would make it a cheap night out since we have yet to meet people that we would like to hang with during our free time. We first headed to the infamous Stubb's BBQ bar/restaurant to meet some friends who are part of the wedding that we are going to on Saturday (tonight). We found free parking (ya hoo) right around the corner from the place and were ready for some free margs and a really good time. Guess our timing was off because as we were about the walk into the place, we ran into the bride's mother and father who said that everyone had just left to go to the dueling piano bar. Not what we expected, but hey where the party goes...we go.

We headed down 6th and walked past a comedy club (note to self: look that place up when we get home to plan a visit), a few tattoo parlors, and an eclectic mix of clubs/bars. Finally making it to Pete's Dueling Piano Bar, we were ready for a drink and to mingle with our friends.

These guys were hilarious! We didn't even have a drink in hand before these guys got us singing, dancing, and laughing our asses off.

Richard and Jess. He's known her and her brother, Jeremy, since "they were seeds". His son RD (Rich) and his fiance are the ones getting married on Saturday night. By the looks of things it looks like we are going to have a ball at the wedding reception. Who doesn't love a wedding right??

We've been to places like this before and always had a good time, but we were still surprised at how much fun were had that night. We have some family and friends whom we know will love heading out to this place when they come to visit. Don't you love the growing itinerary?


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