Friday, April 23, 2010

Won't You Be...Our Neighbor

We've been promising pictures from our new place and have managed to get some of the downstairs. Although the upstairs is complete, for some reason we're not really into any of the pictures we've taken. SO for now you'll just have to imagine the upstairs- master bedroom and office. We love our cozy downstairs feel and enjoying spending lot of time relaxing here now that it has become a "home".

So glad to know that everything (we brought!) fits nicely in our place. We do have a few odds and ends back in Cali and have learned to be very creative when it comes to storage and the necessities. For now, we're looking forward to entertaining many of you as you make your visits to the town we now call home.


Amy Carter said...

So pretty! Love the cozy feel! I can't wait to visit! October, right?

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