Monday, April 26, 2010

On Your Mark. Get Set. GO!

With over 1400 miles, numerous showers, and a move behind us our cars DEFINITELY needed a wash asap. Although we normally would never think to write a post about washing our cars, our experience at the self serve car wash was too good to not to share.

While Jake had been to a self serve car wash before, it was Jess's first time. Big deal right? Weelllll there are a few things. ONE: we only brought about 7 dollars in quarters and were too lazy to drive around too find a bank to get more cash to make more change (plus we wanted to do the job as cheap as possible!) and TWO: We only had 3 minutes per car (Jake has a freakin' Tahoe OK) to wash and 2 minutes to use the vacuum to clean out the interior.

We decided to "tag team" the effort (again something new Jess learned that day) to get the most out of our three minute washes. After we washed Jess's Honda we developed a strategy (haha) to make sure we actually finished the Tahoe before time ran out and the vehicle was left dripping with hot pink soap. We seriously felt like we were on some twisted version of some spousal game show with hidden cameras lurking around the corner. Literally running around the car in a "wax on, wax off" motion we worked together and finished Jake's car before the buzzer went off-- really there was a buzzer counting down the last 59 seconds! We left the car wash feeling satisfied of a job well done, and finished off the inside/mirrors once we got back to the townhouse.

It wasn't so much
what we did, but that we did it together. Yes we could have gone down the street and paid 15 bucks to have our cars washed by someone else, but we really wanted to make this move about each other and getting out of our comfort zones (on a side note we are missing our fam and friends A LOT). Even after the hustle and rush of it all, we wouldn't have wanted even one more quarter. It was fun to be able to head to the "wrong side of the tracks" together and experience something new. We think that the only thing that we will do differently next time is bring a few more towels, some window cleaner, head to the self serve "Genie" down the street instead to save on gas.


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I wish we had a video!!!

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