Sunday, January 3, 2010

Our Graduate

(Jake and Stewart far right)
(Jessica and Stewart far right)
(Jessica and Stewart left center)
(Jake, Jessica, and Stewart right center)
(Jake, Jessica, and Stewart center)

(From bottom to top: Beginner, Intermediate, Rocket Recall, Advanced, and Intro to Agility) We are SO very proud of Stewie and the strides he's made in training. He's still not the best with new people, but he has made some big changes (you wouldn't believe the chaos when the a box was delivered!). Yes, we have become one of those people who love their dog like a child- no costumes or clothing though! We are forever thankful to J9sK9s and would encourage anyone looking to have some fun with their pup to take their dog/s there. Janine, the owner, is absolutely amazing and has helped us and Stew immensely. We will definitely miss her and her crew when we move.


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