Wednesday, September 8, 2010

a new blog?

Jess's latest obsession has been fashion blogs. Her afternoon routine includes a shower (gotta wash of the kid/playground smell what comes with teaching) and some time in front of her laptop winding down with some unique fashion blogs (in and outside of Texas). With a closet full of clothes and some of the best thrift stores around, she's constantly inspired to rework her wardrobe and find something new to wear. 

The point of this post? Would you read a blog she writes about her daily outfits. The angle of the blog would be about how a teacher doesn't have to settle on something boring or within the "holiday sweater" genre. A (newish) hobby that allows her to feel good about expressing herself through her daily outfit picks. 

Jake gives the thumbs up and even offered to host photo shoots. Honestly, would you read? 

p.s. any blog (teacher theme) title ideas? 
so far we have "Teacher, Teacher I Declare..." or "A Lesson in Fashion" --feedback?


Amy said...

I think this is a great idea! Of course I would read it!!

I like the "Lessons in Fashion" title. I also thought of "Fashion Skool" or school. Whatever title you pick, make sure to google it first. If you really want this to be successful, you need to make sure there's no other blog or website our there like it.

Also, have you found psimadethis? Google it.

Jakeandjess said...

Great blog btw! I've googled teacher/fashion blogs and there's nothing like I'm talking about.... Hmmm posting to come?

April said...

DO IT NOW! I'll think of some names. Love the idea. Let's go shopping!

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