Monday, September 6, 2010

free day of yoga

Today's yoga experience was one for the books. Jess chose a few favorite teachers and/ studios for us to check out today. One of her fav teachers is named Zoe. She met her during her brief stint at Lulu having taken a few of her classes around town. Zoe comes to class with an open heart, great messages, and a cool little accordion that she plays (and sings to) both a the beginning of class.

We didn't think of bringing our camera to class because we expected it to be like any other class we have taken. Totally wrong.

First off, Love Yoga Co-op is a new studio to us. It looks like house with 2 small bungalows behind it. The leveled areas and floor to ceiling windows that overlooked Bouldin Creek gave you the feeling of practicing up high up in a tree house.

Zoe co-taught the class, giving a great mix of teaching styles. Perhaps what made it the most memorable was the message that the instructors gave. The theme for the class was, "Finding you Bliss". We learned the your bliss is simply being in the moment and using all of your senses to drink up and absorb it. Too many times we've been guilty of just wanting something to be over and done with so we can get on to the next thing. This class was a beautiful reminder that all you have is the moment. Seems like we've been getting a lot of these messages lately...yes Universe, we're listening. Carefully.

AND on top of an amazing 60 minute practice, Jake won a raffle at the end of class and scored an awesome new yoga mat. It was much needed on his end. BIG thanks!

Perhaps a yoga retreat is in our near future? Yup. One is definitely in order.

This one looks right about our speed.


Amy said...

that tree house yoga studio looks amazing!!! when I come out, I wanna go there.

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