Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sharpened Pencils

Remember the feeling you got the night before your first day of school? You had that nervous/excited feeling that either kept you up at night or made you dream about what was to come. For those of you haven't been in school for awhile you're lucky. Jess (and every other "teacher friend" she knows) feels this way every year when she returns to school in the fall. The funny thing is that she always dreams about her first class and the little devils in one way or another. ugh!

Wishing her luck on her first day back!

This was at the end of the day (did we mention that it's o' dark thirty when Jess is driving to work?) on our way to the grocery store followed by celebratory SNO CONES! Sorry for the lame iphone picture but we needed an outfit picture for Jess's fashioned minded friends/fam.

I'm sure her stories will make their way into the blog because some of them are just too good to not pass along (Angie knows what we're talking about). If you're interested in checking out her classroom/school be sure to stop by her teacher/grade level webpage @ Grandview Hills Elementary

Teacher Story UPDATE: During after school dismissal in the gym I was with with her assigned group of students waiting for the bus when she noticed a little girl in the kindergarten line totally staring at her. Wanting to check in a see how she was doing or if there was something she needed (BTW if you don't have little ones, this is something that happens often in the teacher realm in the primary grades if the students don't know you). The girl said no but asked,"what's your color?". OMG what the heck?! Never did I once get that question living in southern California/the Valley!.... Then I realized she was referring to my hair. I told her my hair was called red but it looks like the color orange too. The relieved look in her face was priceless. Wouldn't it be great to have THAT as your biggest worry during the day? : )


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