Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday Night (Fever)

Our new friends, Lauren and Sam, invited us out on Saturday night to celebrate her big 3-OH! We headed out early to catch the happy hour at The Belmont before the birthday girl arrived. Yep you heard right folks, happy hour on a Saturday night. A bar/restaurant that offers happy hour on the weekend night gains major points in our books! Since we knew that it was going to be a decent size party we met April at the swanky, 'rat pack'-esque bar a few before catching up with the lucky lady up on the roof deck.

Nothing beats a warm summer night out with some great people....

Happy 30th chick!

Oh how we heart this girl!

We're so grateful for the great people we have begun to connect and have relationships with in our new home-state. It doesn't quite replace the people we left back in Cali. Who are we kidding, you guys could NEVER be replaced!...Anyone looking to get out of CA is more than welcome to give this place a try any weekend in the near future, just let us know when. We are really enjoying getting out of our comfort zones, trying new things, and living up to the promises we made to ourselves before we moved. BUT having good friends around you makes all of these new adventures just that much more special and fun.

Tomorrow we hike, and Jess starts her first day of "new to district" training on Monday. Happy weekend ya'll!


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