Sunday, August 29, 2010

no mail on sundays and a vegetarian on the verge

let's start with the (dare we say) vegetarian, or lack there of. no no, jess hasn't changed her eating habits (picky-ness?) since living in the bbg state. although there are plenty of bbq pits around town claiming to have the best bbq sauce this side of the mississippi (ok they don't use that exact term, we just thought it sounded cool), the possibility and options for a vegetarian are also endless.

the vegetarian on the verge is jake. while this may or may not be a surprise to you, this is a big step in the land of jake. whether or not jake realizes it, he's pretty much been a vegetarian for as long as jess has (about 3 years now). not buying meat at the grocery store and finding ways to make veggies more fun has been a weekly habit in the vance household.

what jake is referring to is giving himself the title, "vegetarian" as well as sticking to this lifestyle even we are dining out. this decision was recently prompted by (what else?) some reading, documentaries, and knowing the fact that eating meat has been out of convenience over anything else. stay tuned for jake's last meal and his official new title of "ova-pescatarian".

any votes for how long it takes jake to beat the meat?


it's so easy to get caught up with everything else but relationships and enjoying the small things in life. we both have jobs that require us to be "connected" for a majority of the day, and although we love the easy access there are times when the convenience of it all can become both all consuming and somewhat daunting.

for awhile now, jess has been entertaining the idea of "no e-mail sundays". the idea was prompted by a friend she met at lulu who doesn't shower or check her e-mail on sundays. while the whole no showering thing doesn't really strike her fancy, she's been talking about using sunday as a day to "just be" instead of unconsciously checking her e-mail via mr. iphone. well folks, today is her first no e-mail day. only two hours into the morning and she already confesses that she was tempted to check it (both personal and work) two different times just because she's used to checking in.

on the weekend, jake's always asking "what's the rush?" and now it seems as though jess is finally listening.

seems like we're both taking some inspiration from one another as we embark on changing habits and and taking names. : )

Veggie UPDATE 9/4:::: Meat 2, Jake 0


Amy said...

The only way I can handle not checking my phone every 5 minutes is if it doesn't work. That is the main reason I wanted to come out to Mike's parents' this weekend. Our cellphones don't work out here and it is bliss! I didn't look at my phone once yesterday.

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