Saturday, August 7, 2010

Date Night

Jake loves movies. Like REALLY LOVES movies. Perhaps it's the whole experience of heading out to the cinema, picking out perfect seats in the theater, and grabbing a big-tub-o-popcorn? Whatever it is we have barely gone out to to the movies since moving. We've been on a budget, had a large herd of family and friends visit over the summer, and have been trying to get out into the city meeting new people and getting acquainted with Austin. Jess likes the movies but doesn't really like to go unless it's something that she really wants to see (i.e. she's a stickler for the budget and gets annoyed at spending up to 10 bucks a ticket plus all of the extras). Inception has gotten rave reviews we both decided that it was time to hit up the Alamo Draft House.

Now the Draft House isn't a regular ol' theater. They have theme coordinated food and movie nights and serve you drinks at your seat. Whenever we meet someone new here in town one of the first things they tell us we have to do is go experience (yes I said experience) the Draft House. So with a good movie in mind, we made it a fact to take in the experience.

We got there later than we should have (people get there at least 45 minutes before the show to get a prime spot) and ended up sitting towards the front. Buuuuutttt once we ordered an appetizer (jake's fav: spinach artichoke dip!) and a few beers we were very pleased with our first Draft House visit.

By the looks of his face can't you tell that we will be back again?!


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