Sunday, July 11, 2010

Easy (Like a Sunday Morning)

Sunday is our day. The day that we blackout in our calendars for some "us" time. Lately with the many visitors (that we LOVE) and balancing our new work schedules our Sundays have seemed to fall on the wayside. This weekend we had a lull in the craziness that we call our lives and took advantage of the beautiful weather that Austin was having this weekend.

Although Jess is usually the organizer in the relationship, Jake is great at planning. Of coarse he had a list of to-dos in hand before we left the house that morning.

The day started off late in the morning and was quickly followed by a few donuts....yummmm

Our cooler was packed (and so were our bellies) so we headed over to Lake Austin (about 30 minutes from our house) to enjoy a lazy Sunday with our son.

We read. We enjoyed the sun. We played Banagrams.
By our rules.

Guess who won?

After a leisurely drive in one of our favorite neighborhoods for some (window shopping) house hunting, we ended the day with some fries and chocolate shakes from P. Terry's- Austin's version of In N' Out.

yummmm. If you're counting that two tasty treats in one day. Hey, it was Sunday. Nothing counts on a Sunday right?

Sweet ending to a great day.


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