Monday, July 26, 2010

book early and save at case de vance

So far we are averaging fam/friend guests about every 6 weeks. We feel pretty awesome and heart the fact that everyone is so stoked to come visit. One of our latest visitors, Jake's sister and her 3 kiddos, arrived last weekend. Because we knew that there were kids in tow we had a weekend jammed packed with activities hoping that we would exhaust them (make them want to move here *wink wink*) and get some adult time somewhere in there.

The fam arrived on
Saturday afternoon and we took them to the infamous Torchy's Tacos to show them what a good taco really tastes like. OMG was this place amazingly scrumptious!!!!

We headed over to Town Lake to grab a sno cone to cool down while catching an evening boat tour of the lake. Being newbies ourselves we wanted to do something "touristy" and having relatives in town gave us an excuse to try this out. The tour went up and down Lady Bird Lake (aka Town Lake AKA Colorado River) and gave a history of the city that run along its banks. We also stayed on the boat until after sundown to check out the bats that colonize the bridge.

Being silly boys!

waiting for the bats across S. Congress bridge

tens of THOUSANDS of bats and their babies over head!!!


The next day we headed over to the Salt Lick (yup Jess was thrilled.) to get some good ol' fashioned Texas BBQ. Its a cash only BYOB BBQ that people drive for miles around to make sure they hit up before they leave central Texas.

this is how crowded it was and it was only 12!

Meat at its finest?!

After lunch we hit up Barton Springs for some good ole' summer time swim action.

After the kids were good and waterlogged we headed over to Red's Porch for dinner. Red's is a really cool restaurant that overlooks Hill Country. Good atmosphere for sure!

Next up was a night on the town for the adults. We hit up 5th and 6th to show Allison was Austin nightlife has to offer and had a good time listening to some music - both "live" and from the karaoke bar!

Nothing says Austin like a little live music

"I will survive...HEY HEY"

by the end of the night Allison was gettin' her Texas on!
Monday was the last day that the fam was in town so we took them to float the Guadalupe River. Again this is something that we've been wanting to do for awhile and having guests in town again gave us an excuse to do something we've been putting off -- wait why are you putting off these amazing things??!! We rented some tubes, grabbed some snacks and adult beverages and headed off to have a lazy Monday floating the river.

epitome of summer...

lovin' the snacks!

the girls know how to relaaaaxxxxx

Love having guests and looking forward to October and ACL among the other festivities we've got going on!


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