Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Second Anniversary

In true blogging style we've decided to take the time to take pictures as well as write about the important (and not so important..ie car wash experience) events in our life. Keeping with our tradition of our annual picture for our anniversary keepsake book, we have a few pictures and an entry about how we spent our evening.

We we absolutely love this idea, but with our oh-so recent move we knew that our anniversary would be very low key this year and were a little embarrassed that this would be officially documented on our anniversary book. Remembering that our anniversaries won't always be celebrate this way and Siggi's voice reminding us that we needed to take the picture "no matter where you are or what you're wearing", we kept with tradition. So, here is our entry below along with the picture that we took for our book.

Celebrated the evening together cooking dinner, a crisp glass of white wine, and watched The Lovely Bones. Halfway during the movie we decided to wanted a little sweet treat so we all (Stew included) walked down the street and shared a chocolate shake. We didn't exchange gifts this year but promised to see a concert sometime this summer.

The trip to A&W is pretty classy right?? haha...The important thing was that we spent it together doing some of the things we really enjoy. Hoping that next year we'll have something a little more exciting (we're thinking white sandy beaches and a few cocktails in hand) to write about--a couple has to dream big right?!


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