Monday, May 24, 2010

Like Finding a Needle in a Haystack...

...but SO worth it! You all know by now that Jessica has been feverishly looking for a new school to call home for the upcoming school year. Well ladies and gents the wait is finally over (almost)! Jessica received not one but two job offers today. Both are from two really great schools but in two different school districts. One is for a fourth grade Math/Science (departmentalized) position while the other is for for a fifth grade (self contained) classroom. So far she decided that the 4th grade Math/Science position isn't really for her and that she would rather go with the 5th grade position. We say so far because she has another interview this Thursday at a school in yet another school district.

While we are counting our lucky stars with all of the recent good news, we hope to be able to share the good news with all of you by the end of the week.... getting our pen and paper to start a "pros and cons" list as we speak.


Amy Carter said...

YAY!! So happy for you! Congrats and good luck!

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